Dr Shamsun N Islam

Clinical Psychologist

Hi, I have been working in the NHS for more than 13 years with adults and families. I am a Doctor of Clinical Psychology and a Systemic Practitioner, with experience of working with adults with a wide range of neuro-divergent conditions including dyslexia, attention difficulties and Autism Spectrum Disorder.

My work has entailed helping those that have been struggling with life stresses that may come about suddenly with changes in circumstances, as well as difficulties that have exacerbated over time.



Dr Shamsun’s amazing.  She has literally changed my life.  I have been a bad sleeper for so many years and since having my sessions with her, I’m actually sleeping.  Dr Shamsun has also helped me with so many aspects of life…I cannot stress enough how helpful and life changing it has been.

Female, 20s,  Corporate Training Coordinator
Dr Shamsun N Islam, Clinical Psychologist

I have worked with people who are struggling with relationship difficulties, stress, trauma, pain and health issues, grief and bereavement to name a few. Many such difficulties impact our mental well-being and can significantly increase low mood, depression and levels of anxiety.

I practice a range of evidence based approaches including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Compassion Focused Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy, Narrative Therapy and Family Therapy.

I speak fluent English, Bengali and Sylheti, and have a good command of Hindi and Urdu. I have sound understanding of Islam, and have helped people struggling with complexities and difficulties around religion and religious beliefs.  

Prior to working in the NHS, I worked with solicitors and in family courts as an independent interpreter and I am aware of the difficulties that arise with divorce and strains in family relationships.  Beside my work as a Clinical Psychologist, I am actively involved with a charity organisation raising awareness of mental health and well-being in the community. I take part in face to face and media based discussion panels on community television programmes and radio, and deliver presentations and training sessions relating to improving psychological well-being to a wide range of audiences.
Experienced Clinical psychologist specialising in learning disabilities, autism and families

Please contact me at ComposurePsychology
with FOR SHAMSUN in the subject line
or telephone +44 (0) 333 800 3454 
to book a session or for a free brief chat about
how we might work together.
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