How Flywire implemented a Wellbeing service in time for their IPO and boosted employee brand perception, retention and engagement.


Flywire is an insight and technology company that helps organisations to optimise payment experiences for their customers.  They have over 500 employees referred to as FlyMates, across 13 locations.  In the lead up to their IPO on the Nasdaq and in line with their values Flywire wished to lead the way in offering wellbeing support for their employees. Our goal was to rapidly establish and provide a partnership in provision of an effective, expert, easy to access, one to one Wellbeing Coaching and Mental Health service for any Flywire employee regardless of where they were located in the world.


Transparent partnership and provision of easily accessed, highly skilled, diverse and multilingual Clinical Psychologists.

ComposurePsychology provided a global team of rigorously vetted, HCPC (or equivalent) registered, highly qualified, experienced, Clinical Psychologists to meet the needs of Flywire and deliver an outstanding wellbeing service.

Our team applied research based approaches, tools and strategies for improving wellbeing and overcoming challenges employees faced including (though certainly not limited to) anxiety, depression, grief/bereavement, work and general stress, work and personal relationships, trauma and chronic health, pain and cancer related concerns for themselves and their families. 

To orient the employees to the wellbeing service and put them at their ease, our Clinical Psychologists attended location specific Flywire meetings where they introduced themselves and explained what the service was about, what it could offer, expected outcomes and how the process worked.
Some of our Global highly qualified and experienced team

Some members of our global, highly qualified, very experienced, multi disciplinary, multi-lingual psychology and wellbeing coaching team

To ensure the service was timely and even easier to access than health insurance services, Employees were referred by Flywire Wellbeing representatives,  line managers or self-referred with a simple single email.  Each employee either chose their preferred ComposurePsychology Clinical Psychologist after viewing profiles online or were matched with a team member expert in the challenges each employee was facing and who was able to converse in the employee’s preferred language.

In line with Flywire’s accounting protocol six pre-approved sessions were made available with flexibility to reduce or increase this based on needs and goals agreed by employee and Psychologist.

Regular weekly yet flexible bookings were made in and out of work hours according to employee preference.  Sessions times ranged between 60 and 90 minutes depending on individual, couple or family work.  Number of sessions received varied in line with employee wellbeing needs and goals and ranged from 1 to 18.  Sessions were delivered online to optimise employees’ time, accommodate hybrid working and because it is proven effective.

ComposurePsychology held all client records and data confidentially on a secure client records system, a platform made for healthcare professionals, used by over 13,000 clinicians, trusted and used by the NHS. 

ComposurePsychology provided regular reports to Flywire depicting number of sessions delivered and the high level reason for which the employee sought support (reported with FlyMate consent).   An 180 day report showing aggregated anonymous employee feedback about the Wellbeing service was provided to Flywire highlighting Flywire brand, retention and engagement factors.  Meetings with Flywire’s Chief Wellness and Engagement Officer were held to review progress, forecast needs and discuss ways to further enhance processes. 


50 FlyMates based in 9 countries engaged in the service – USA, UK, Spain, Romania, Israel, Australia, China, Singapore and Japan

300 sessions delivered by Clinical Psychologists of diverse heritage, faith and specialisms.

7 different languages used; Spanish, Romanian, Hebrew, Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese, English (Bengali, Sylheti, Hindi and Urdu were also available)

Employee feedback was positive across the board about Flywire Brand, Employee Retention and Engagement.

100% of employee responders were satisfied with the service from ComposurePsychology

100% of employee responders are likely to recommend ComposurePsychology and the Wellbeing Coaching service to colleagues and friends

Employees said after using the ComposurePsychology service they

  • are happier and more confident
  • better able to focus and manage their workload
  • needed fewer sick days and no longer considered leaving
  • improved their work and personal relationships
  • feel supported and understood by Flywire
  • learned new wellbeing skills and clarified their values
  • are empowered to prevent and overcome work/life stress and promote wellbeing in themselves and others
ComposurePsychology was proud to contribute to Flywire and Kelly Hartman securing Wellbeing Awards.

Employee feedback

“I think it's important that Flywire cares about its employees’ wellbeing and offers concrete help when needed. I felt supported and found the sessions with my coach very helpful, she was great!”
“I feel more adept when to comes to tackling my own well being and having a positive approach in challenging situation at work and in my own personal life.”
“It was an extremely positive experience. I entered into it wondering how the sessions would work and if it would help me. But I left feeling so much better!
“I felt the sessions helped me to be more confident with myself.”
“For me, it has been a truly useful service and I'm really grateful for it.
“The sessions were very helpful, … and I think I feel much better now than I did 6 months ago.”
“I really appreciate the offering … It makes me think more favorably about them as an employer.”
It is a great service and check-in to evaluate my mental and emotional wellbeing, it’s like speaking to a friend but one who is void of judgment and prejudice. Good opportunity to also allow for reflection and internalizing improvements or small enhancements to make in life or my career that could go a long way overtime .”

Client Feedback

Video and quotes from Kelly Hartman, Chief Wellness and Engagement Officer, Flywire

We are so grateful to have our own wellness coaches [including] Dr Janine Hayward who are trained psychologists and bring in their teams to help support our FlyMates and their families.  

ComposurePsychology made a genuine impact to overall performance of our business through our employees.

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