We believe you want your kids to be happy and successful.   

If you are worried that they are anxious, unhappy or need help with transitioning to the next phase in their life, we can help you and your child.   

For examples of how we help, see the client stories below and stories on the young people's page.

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Are you troubled by your child's...?

  • Low mood or anxiety
  • Fears or Phobias
  • Low confidence or low self esteem  
  • Response to family breakup or change
  • Difficulty making and keeping friends
  • Intense need to be perfect 
  • Difficulty managing setbacks
  • Dislike of their body or part of their body
  • Worry about a move to a new school/level 
  • Excessive stress and worry about exams
  • Experience of bullying
  • Feeling like they don't fit in
  • Obsessive Compulsiveness (OCD)
  • Anger
  • Swings in emotion
  • Self harm

It's a partnership.   

Composure creates a partnership with young people and parents: we help young people thrive.  

We use effective, evidence-based talking therapy to nurture a young person’s mental well-being and psychological flexibility.  
Composure develops your and your child’s understanding of how their difficulties developed and how to manage them.  We work with your child directly to overcome their worries, fears and obstacles.  

We can also work with you, the parents, to support you to deliver consistent messages to your child and assist your child to learn, practice, apply and maintain new psychological skills.  

Composure helps you to help your child so that they may be happy and successful.

What does our help look like?

Here is an example of how we have helped a parent and young person.  

Our clients have granted permission for their story to be shown here or we have combined stories from different clients to protect confidentiality.  
Different names and pictures have been used to protect identities.

Joe (11 years old) and Mother (Linda) 

Anxiety, Bullying & School transition

Linda contacted Composure Psychology explaining she was concerned about her son, Joe and his high anxiety and fear about moving from primary to secondary school.  One of our Clinical Psychologists met Joe and Linda together and individually to discover their concerns, perspectives and motivations for change. Joe disclosed that he was also worried about the bullying he had experienced and how it might continue at his new school.

Joe attended 12 weekly sessions in which he was helped to become aware of his thinking patterns and how some of them had become automatic and negative. Using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Mindfulness exercises and two easy to read books, the psychologist developed Joe’s ability to manage worries, challenge unhelpful thinking and learn about preventing and overcoming bullying.  New strategies and home practice were generated for Joe to try out between sessions. 

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