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Access effective Talking Therapy and Wellbeing Coaching.

ComposurePsychology is here for YOU.  

Whether work, personal or both, YOUR experience of stress, anxiety, overwhelm, low mood, grief/bereavement, illness (your own or someone you love), relationships, reduced motivation or clarity of purpose, or another distress, are all important to us. 

Access a safe, confidential space for you to talk about your distress 

Discover why unhelpful thoughts, feelings, behaviours stick and can be hard to change

Develop new skills, try tools, learn new strategies to make change happen

Grow your ability to cope, belong and thrive.  

Design and create the rich meaningful life you deserve. 

Feel better.

Our global team of fully qualified and experienced Clinical Psychologists apply research based approaches to help Chipper Cash help YOU.  

See below for more about how it works, our team, and the benefits for you.


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Are you new to therapy?  

Not sure how it works?

Our kind, approachable,  

Clinical Psychologists

will walk you through how it works

and how you can get the most value

for your time and commitment.  

Therapy is self care, 

an investment in yourself. 

You are worth it!

What is on offer? What happens once I book?

Online Booking for your first session at time that suits you.

12 pre-authorised sessions.

Online sessions via zoom.

Booking confirmation and session reminders via text and email.

A choice of Therapist/Coach from Clinical Psychologists' profiles or we can recommend a match for your preferences and location.

To optimise your time, a secure client record is set up and a single onboarding form sent out before your first session.  

ABOUT SESSIONS:  Booked in batches of 6 or 12.   Do not have to be taken all at once. Are booked weekly at a regular day and time, for easy diary management and because research shows most therapy outcomes are better with regular sessions.  

EXTRA SESSIONS: After 12 sessions are completed, approval for additional sessions can be sought if you and your Psychologist agree they are needed.

CHOOSING WHO TO WORK WITH: We recommend choosing our Clinical Psychologist/s based in your region (time zone) and  fluent in your preferred language.  There may be only one.  You are welcome to meet others in the team if the first person does not prove to be a good fit for you.

WHY IS COMPLETING THE FORM IMPORTANT?: The form helps your Clinical Psychologist prepare for your first session, start to get to know you, identify some of the factors that may be contributing to challenges you face, think about your goals, measure the severity of your experience so we can monitor progress with you, gather your emergency details, let you know how your data is held and other important things that ensure your first session,  and all of our work together, goes smoothly and optimises your precious time.

Meet Our Team

Please click here to read profiles on our team members.

You might find it easier or prefer to click on Book Now

to see who has availability at times or locations that suit you first.  

You can return here before booking to read more detail about the Psychologists with availability.   

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Key Benefits of ComposurePsychology Therapy and Wellbeing Coaching.

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Support from our administration and director via secure WhatsApp and email.  Where needed, access to a wider team of Clinical Psychologists with a range of speciality skills to support you with your diverse mental health and wellbeing needs.

A formulation (joint understanding of difficulties you’re facing and likely contributing factors), assessment, baseline and progress measures for you.

A dedicated Therapist/Coach, experienced and qualified to the highest standards, of Clinical Psychologist, required to continue professional development, have regular supervision so they hold you, your goals and circumstances in mind to deliver consistent high quality service.

Access to multiple models of research based therapy, tailored to you.  
Therapists who pivot quickly if one model is more effective than another, all based on your preferences, practicalities, the outcomes of your assessment, formulation and what we have learned clients often find to be effective.

Contact Us

We take the protection of your data seriously.  
For information about how we secure and use your data please refer to our privacy policy.

It's safe to contact us.
We really do want to help.  

Call +44 (0) 333 800 3454 or
WhatsApp us on +44 (0) 7747 414 950 or  
Send us a message.

We are very happy to answer any questions you may have. 

If you have decided to make an appointment and would like to do so online, please click below.  We aim to confirm your booking on the same day.

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