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We believe you want to experience enjoyment, be confident, feel connected to others in a way that works for you and cope well with whatever life throws at you.  

If you don't feel this way...if you feel distressed, numb, on an emotional rollercoaster or are troubled by any of the difficulties listed below, contact us.  
We can help you.   For examples of how we help, see the client stories below.

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Are you troubled by ?

  • Low mood, depression, overwhelm
  • Pain, Chronic or Terminal Illness
  • Living with Cancer
  • Fears, Panic, Phobias or Agoraphobia
  • Low confidence or low self esteem
  • Dislike of your body or a part of it
  • Family or relationship breakup or change
  • How to make and keep friends
  • Stress, Work pressure or Carer Burden
  • Being on a waiting list, needing help now

  • Anxiety or Worries
  • Sexual Health or Intimacy concerns
  • Needing to get things right, be perfect
  • Loss, Grief, Bereavement
  • Swings in emotion or self harm
  • Obsessive Compulsiveness (OCD)
  • Anger
  • Bullies or bullying
  • Feeling like you don’t fit in

We don't judge. 

Composure Psychology Therapists care about you.  
Our mission is to help you feel better.  

Your cultural background, religious beliefs or spirituality, gender and sexuality are only of interest to us as far as your thoughts and feelings about them are contributing to any distress you may be experiencing.

We don't judge you for your preferences.  

Instead, we help you develop your understanding of factors influencing your distress and practice healthy, helpful ways of expressing your needs and living the life you wish to live, within the preferences you wish you to embrace.

What does our help look like?

Here are some examples of how we have helped clients in the past.  

Our clients have granted permission for their story to be shown here or we have combined stories from different clients to protect confidentiality.  
Different names and pictures have been used to protect identities.


mid 50-years old, Unemployed Father

Anxiety & Depression

Matthew sought help and explained to one of our psychologists that he was feeling very low, anxious and thought about suicide daily.  He explained he had recently lost his job, his brother had died and he was worried about his relationship and not being able to care for his family.

The psychologist asked Matthew to share at his own pace how the anxiety and low mood was impacting his day to day life and if he had experienced these feelings before prior to recent challenging events.  Over two sessions, they built a picture of what was happening right now and identified factors from the present and past that might be contributing to keeping the low mood and anxiety going. This was a helpful tool for deciding where to start with therapy and to refer to when long held beliefs or assumptions appeared to be getting in the way of his completing therapeutic activities.

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mid 30-years old, Administrator

Pain, Chronic Illness and Trauma

Yasmin had been living with long-term back pain and pain during sex.  She explained she was reluctant to get into a new relationship and felt depressed about her health and lack of relationship.  Yasmin said she was a bit sceptical about whether she could be helped or not.  It was agreed that an assessment would be completed and a course of action would be determined from there including whether it was the right time for her to engage with therapy. 

Over two to three sessions a picture was drawn up of how the pain had come about, her being involved in a traffic accident, how the events had and were continuing to impact on Yasmin’s life and the meaning she gave to the events about herself, the world and others.  Towards the end of the third session Yasmin felt safe to disclose she had experienced an unwanted sexual encounter and felt unsupported by ... 

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